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before & after photos 815-757-9696 the junk removal dudes

Elgin, IL Driveway junk pickup

Elgin, IL Junk Removal Service. The Junk Removal Dudes. 815-757-9696

A junk removal pickup in Elgin, IL. We cleaned out junk from a driveway after a garage sale. 


Naperville, IL Garage cleanout


We removed a ton of junk out of this garage in Naperville. It was a total of 3,000+ pounds of junk removed. 815-757-9696

Aurora, IL Storage Unit cleanout


We removed 3,000 pounds of items from these storage units in Aurora, IL. We were able to recycle & donate most of these items which were mostly school toys, books and clothing.

dekalb, IL barn property cleanout


We emptied out boxes of clothing, dishes, plates and more from this barn property in DeKalb, IL. 815-757-9696

st. charles, IL house clean-out


The Junk Removal Dudes had a team of 10 strong men to handle this project. We emptied out an entire house in St. Charles, IL. 815-757-9696

Geneva, IL Garage clean-out


We emptied out a garage full of junk that accumulated over 8 years. The job was completed in under an hour. 815-757-9696

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