Hoarding cleanup beginning to end

The Junk Removal Dudes removed a ton of junk from this hoarder home in St. Charles, IL. Our Junk Removal Dudes bagged all the loose garbage from the basement first working our way up. In the basement, we removed over 400 full bags of garbage.

The junk consisted of old cans of food, clothing, and toys. There were also many heavy furniture pieces, a king size mattress and several other cabinet pieces. We then removed junk from inside the living room which had several couches and hundreds of pounds of newspapers from the 1980s that were collected.

After removing all this junk and hauling it all away, we then continued onto the garage and shed outside which was filled top to bottom with boxes of junk.

Here’s an interesting list of things we found in this abandoned home clean-out:

  • Love letters from the 1920’s
  • Over 80 boxes of MRE’s (doomsday survivor food mix)
  • Over 800 jars of pickles that were packed pre 1990’s possibly
  • Many pieces of firewood
  • Cool vintage magazines of Chicago Blackhawks players that included Bobby Hull, Ed Beflour, Tony Amonte, Chris Chelios & Jeremy Roenick.
  • Hundreds of cups of Dunkin’ Donuts empty unused cups.
  • 30+ of boxes of unused new paper towels.
  • 20+ boxes of landscaping gloves.

We were able to donate some of the items that were boxed in good new condition.

Continue to find more of our before and after projects at www.TheJunkRemovalDudes.com. To get a quick estimate, you can text us photos of the junk with the city you’re in, full name, address of junk and cell to 815-757-9696.

To see other exclusive before & after junk removal photos, check out our Junk Removal Dudes Instagram.

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